Thursday, October 27, 2016


A really good session (I mean, I'm not good at squats, so it's important to work on them regularly). This time we got to work out in the rugby gym which is pleasantly deserted and chilly - much preferable to warm crowded powerlifting room! I'm really happy about having finally got this set up, it's going to be good - given that I can't work out with Josh, this is definitely the next best thing!

1hr lower body


Such a nice run with Liz! A good new route through Port Meadow and then back along canal through Jericho. Was avidly noting streetnames in hopes I can find my way over there again...

70 easy

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


I did write quota, but I didn't do enough other work today, after this family weekend in London and my mother's visit I'm going to buckle down. Very nice yoga anyway - 1.25hr hatha, stretchy. Was feeling fairly sore (pleasantly so, but still) after yesterday's strength session, afternoon nap plus evening yoga is a good remedy! Running with Liz in the morning too, and training again with Sy at 2pm....

Run of bliss!

I am having a ridiculously nice time exercise-wise - I feel it is slightly irresponsible, but not entirely so given that sabbatical is not just for getting new work done but for restoration and recovery. :20 easy, 10 x 1:00 faster, 2:00 easy, :25 easy: 1:15 total. A little soreness in hamstring in that post-deadlift tendonitis-type way, but nothing big. In general feeling very sound.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Hahahaha, I am an idiot, I like too many things too much! Just running and doing yoga make me think "Oh, yeah, I could just do these 2 things all the time and it would be great" - but I did finally lift properly again today and it felt absolutely amazing, I can't give that up! (Not to mention strength-training now is probably the single thing that has the best long-term health input on carrying-groceries-up-stairs-in-your-80s type stuff). It took a bunch of emailing to find a trainer, it's a university gym rather than a commercial one so they're not set up to take your dollars so eagerly I think - but I believe that this guy is absolutely perfect, couldn't have done better! I'm signed on for twice a week, but it might be tempting to add a third session (I can't do Monday next week, so I am forced to hold off on that till I see how it reintegrates with more running).

1hr good stuff! Lot of stretching and mobility, then tested some bench and deadlifts - did I think 3 x 4 @ 105 or so on bench, pulled a couple singles at 220 or so (weights are in kilograms and don't lodge with me) - this is going to be so great!


I took a proper rest day yesterday - if I'm going to be running more, I need to be smart about it. Glorious to be running again this morning though! I love this mild overcast damp English weather so much....

:50 easy (2 laps around Christ Church Meadow)

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Blissful yoga!

Ah, such a good vinyasa class - I really love this teacher. 1.5hr yoga.

Start of week 3

1:30 easy - actually it was a few minutes longer as I had a diabolical plan that involved adjusting my turnaround point and overshooting home so that the end point would be here! It's a bit chilly but I figured with light jacket and gloves I'd be fine to then walk the 1.7 or so miles home. I had rather pictured it being one of those places you walk out of with a huge box of pastries, but perhaps fortunately they were about to close (it was just before 2 on a Sunday) and there wasn't really a lot of stuff - I had a very delicious slice of apricot tart that I ate on my walk home.

I really am serious about this Rock the Ridge 50 in May! I have six weeks in Rome in February-March when I think running will be either my only form of exercise or nearly so (will hope to find some yoga I can get to easily), and sabbatical year is a good time for a project like this....

1.5hr easy

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Glorious run!

A lovely sedate one, with intervals - I was slightly dreading them beforehand, only (a) if they really are horrible, you are doing them too fast and (b) if I accept that they might only be ONE gear higher than my regular sedate pace, it will go very easily. Have acquired hydration belt but also it wasn't as hot today - 50F and overcast, my absolutely ideal running weather (it is silly to talk about ancestral climate preferences but I do feel that my body does best in exactly this sort of weather!).

1:40 as :20 easy, 12 x (1:30 faster, 3:30 easy), :20 easy

Friday, October 21, 2016


Such a good class, and genuinely relaxing - "slow down Friday flow" - did what it said! Now I am going to eat soup (having slightly mismanaged meal content and times earlier) and read a novel, since I also produced quota/finished the draft zero of Austen chapter #1 and read my Gibbon quota for the day. Routine of bliss!

1hr slow flow yoga


:55 easy - should have been 70, but I dragged my heels getting out the door & need to shower and get ready now for a 10:30 coffee meetup. Will make up the minutes elsewhere!

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Gosh, that was a tiring day - and I am sorry to say I did not produce quota as that slot was instead given over to writing my remarks for presentation at the very nice "Bruce's brunch" at Balliol! But I finally made it to the gym to lift - had a date with a training partner, she sent a message to say she'd be half an hour late but you still get the benefit of knowing you need to get there. I'd written down 3 sets - one for each lift - and got all three done though with slightly lighter weights in several instances than I'd projected; I'm very conscious that I haven't been lifting regularly for the last 5 or so weeks and should take it cautiously as I get back into it!

Anyway about 1hr total with work sets as something like this:

Squat: 3 x 8 @ 30kg
Deadlift: 4 x 5 @ 65kg (or it might have been 70)
Bench: 2 x 8 @ 35kg, 1 x 6 @ 40kg (didn't have spotter and didn't want to chance losing it on the last few)

My request through the gym site for personal training information has not been answered, but I got a couple of business cards from the front desk and I think I will pursue this, I would like to lock it in and then just forget about the rest of the time!


No, I didn't get up quite as early as I should have, but it was still a minor miracle - did my full hour easy and it is just coming up on 9am. House cleaner's arrival is imminent and I am giving an informal talk at 1pm that still exists only loosely speaking in my head, so I need to get a move on. It's dark here still at 8am!

1hr easy

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Very enjoyable. Sweatier than I expected for a gentle hatha class - should have had towel as well as mat!

1.25hr yoga

Glorious run!

Obviously part of it is the ideal climate and the sabbatical phenomenon (I am far more than usually insulated from the needs of others, the balancing of which against my own needs and preferences continues to be the great struggle of adult life), but I am wondering how much is also the fact that I haven't been lifting - it is possible that yoga and running go together much better than lifting and running. That said, I am happy to report that I found a training partner and have 4pm lifting dates for tomorrow and Friday - optimistic that this should work out well (I put out a plea on the women's powerlifting group and one of the young women who did the induction with me last week is similarly in need, this should be good!).

20 easy, 10 x 1:00 faster, 3:00 easy, 20 easy (plus a bit extra - missed my proper exit from the meadows)

1:25 total