Monday, January 23, 2017


The exclamation point is misleading, really I was grumpy for almost the whole thing - it's insanely windy, to the point where I started to worry about falling branches, and I worked too long and too hard this morning - yes, I got to the end of typing my revisions, but only by dint of overextending myself in a way that leads to a bad mood rather than any sense of satisfaction. Then I realized right at the end that I had an hour more than I thought (i.e. wasn't ALREADY late for leaving for downtown, but had a full forty minutes to eat and shower), mood lightened. But if it's still windy like that tomorrow, I might have to run on the track at Chelsea Piers!

1hr easy

Sunday, January 22, 2017


OK, that was a good week of running, I don't think I missed any days. Definitely feeling a bit frazzled (it's the combination of life obligations, finishing the Austen book and juggling the other miscellaneous work obligations that I've been dodging in the interest of book-finishing - did squeeze out a reader report on a journal article the other day, but I have a tenure letter, a book review, three encyclopedia entries and a couple other bits and bobs that must get done soon too - will be better I think when Austen is sent, then I can try and clear the other stuff so that I can really go all Gibbon all the time).

1hr easy + 6 x :30 hill - c. 1:05 total

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Long run!

Very nice one too. Feeling really good about this year of running - it is so slow it is hardly running in the strictest definition, true, but it is very enjoyable and I love the routine! So much simpler than triathlon training too (especially given that life involves quite a bit of travel). Thought briefly at some point during the run how fun it would be to do the SOS triathlon in September - then remembered I have a possibly-as-long-as-three weeks research trip in Europe in late June and early July, and thought of how much less stressful life will be if all I need to do is put on shoes and go out the door rather than worrying about swimming pool access, bicycles, etc....

2hr easy

Thursday, January 19, 2017


Gorgeous weather - 40s, springlike, sunny. 1hr easy.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Nice session earlier. Will have to work to remember now (had 6:45 dinner with a friend and am only just now home and writing it up).

(1) dumbbell floor press
(2) "spotts" press or something like that - it is named after a person - you pause about four inches off the chest and go straight back up - 5 x 2 @ 75 (could have gone heavier but we are looking to be conservative just now as I'm not really building to anything)
(3) incline dumbbell rows: 5 x 15 @ 27.5 (did first set with 32.5 but it was clearly a bit too heavy!)

There was then a circuit, but I needed to leave - and I didn't do my back exercises either, arghhhh, I am an idiot! And I'm not going to do them now, I'm too lazy!

1hr upper body


A bit rainy/chilly, but nice. 75 minutes easy with 6 x :30 hills. Fantasizing about a perfect new running jacket to take to Rome - might try and get myself into a running store later to see if I can find one. This windbreaker is better for 50s than 30s - my Brooks one is good but too tight across the chest, alas...

Monday, January 16, 2017

Deadlifts, PT

Long day somehow - started too early! I fall short on the ability to be tranquil and just mildly busy - it seems like it's too often absolutely all or nothing. Post-run, I did one big manuscript task, read the requisite chapter of Gibbon, did deadlift workout and had an hour of PT. Which made my back actually feel normal - first session I think where I haven't come away feeling more pummeled than relieved.

1hr lower body:

(1) medicine ball slams (center-side, both sides, 5 x 3)
(2) DL

1 x 10 @ 55% (131)
1 x 3 @ 60% (146)
1 x 3 @ 65% (156)
2 x 10 @ 70% (166)

Using 240 as current max as I'm pretty sure I could pull that without busting anything! Had to adjust numbers slightly obviously; bar plus 15kg bumpers is 111 to start out.

(3) block pull - drop top set by 5-10% (I dropped it a little more as I was short one 10lb plate and it made sense just to use 5s instead): 4 x 6 @ 141

(4) 100 shrugs @ 37.5

(5) 100 biceps curl @ 12.5


Woke up earlier than I really like, edited final chapter of manuscript and proceeded to run - feeling monstrously productive and rather hungry. This is the run I should have done on Friday while the cat was at the vet.

:40 easy

Sunday, January 15, 2017


Phew, that was a near thing - had string of minor near-meltdowns earlier (I really no longer can deal with riding in a very crowded subway car - construction on the 1 line meant the 2 was running local and already PACKED when I got on the uptown train at Chambers St., ugh - then the LIBRARY WAS CLOSED, noooooooo!!!!!!!!! - then I realized I hadn't eaten enough etc. etc.- just one of those days!), but pulled my act together and did get out the door at about the last possible time that still left me any daylight. First week of doing longish Sat. and Sun. runs and I could NOT let this one get away from me.

Notes to self: (1) this pair of tights is nice and warm but chafes delicate parts, next time wear underpants underneath! (2) it is not a moment too soon to have ordered a pair of transition lenses for my Oakleys with new prescription - even half-dark I see better with the prescription sunglasses than with nothing, but once it's almost completely dark you have to take them off and then it really is pretty dodgy!

1.5hr easy along the river

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Long run!

Yesterday was unfortunately a write-off - had to drop cat at vet between 8 and 9 for major dental work, it's traumatic for me as well as for the cat and the only way to handle the day turned out basically to be going to bed and staying asleep for max possible duration! By that time it was time for my own doctor's appointment (asthma check-up), and by the time the cat and I were both home (minus NINE teeth...) I was just DONE.

But the long one just now was great. It's chilly, I could have used slightly warmer garb, but the time went by very quickly - Central Park loop plus there and back and a bit extra.

2hr easy/moderate focusing on strong downhills

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Lower body!

(Writing this much later, after nice post-holiday holiday party at H.'s....)

Hmmm, what did we do? I subbed in goblet squats for the first squat set (4 x 6 @ 37.5 with 3-3-3 tempo). Tempo deadlifts (3-0-3) maybe also 4 x 6 @ 111? 4 x 6 incline dumbbell row @ 37.5. 4 x 1-min step-up. One other minor thing I can't remember?

1hr lower body + back exercises

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Run + bench

Ah, I really managed the first part of my day badly, but happy exercise brought everything round to being OK. Only left from here just before 3 - couldn't run in the am, it was too far below freezing (tender lungs prohibit, it's not that I'm a baby!), and by the time it had reached the low 30s, a stint of editing and library work basically left me more inclined to go back to bed than to get out the door. Several hours later... anyway, it was fine, I jogged to CP and ate a bar/rehydrated then did upper body (it works better for Tuesdays than it would for a Monday or a Thursday). And stayed to do my PT exercises immediately following as I suspected they wouldn't get done at all if I waited to do them after I got home. So:

75 minutes run with 6 x :30 faster, 1:00 easy

1hr upper body (the main work set was a fun one):

(1) 3 x 8 DB incline press @ 15% of 1-rep max (everything rounded down as necessary based on availability of weights)
(2) bench: 10 @ 55% (65), 5 @ 62.5% (70), 2 x 10 + 1 x 10+ (I did 12) @ 67.5 (85)
(3) circuit x 4: (a) 20 shrugs (47.5) (b) 20 band face-pull (c) 10 lateral raise (5lb plates) (d) 10 front raise
(4) 100 band dips

Monday, January 9, 2017

Gym day!

Ah, it turned out to be a really lovely day for me, not weather-wise but on the inside, after a late-morning dip where I basically just couldn't deal and went back to bed with cats and slept for an hour or so. One of those days where I almost feel that I live at the gym - it is my happy third place....

(1) 40:00 easy jog on track (15F this morning here, can't run outside much below freezing because of tender lungs - seeing lung doc this Friday for annual check-up and particularly didn't want to have contravened his rule and gotten sick!)

(2) 1hr lower body: deadlifts @ 60% or so (I am lowballing because I keep popping in an out), 2 sets of 10 plus one of 10+ but only where you could still do a few more: so, 2 x 10 @ 145, 1 x 15 @ 145; 3 x 4 kettlebell squats with 3-second pause at bottom; skipped farmer's walk as something in my knee had really locked up between running and warming up to lift (left medial); 100 pulley lat pulldown with moderate weight; 3 sets dumbbell curls (12.5) with each set as 6 x 3 and a pause in the middle or maybe on each one (have forgotten now exactly how this went).

(3) 1hr excellent PT at Fusion! This was really good. My back is already a lot better - Rome trip is going to interrupt things, but hopefully it's enough if I keep doing the exercises, I can decide whether or not to start back up again when I get back towards the end of March.

Sunday, January 8, 2017


Just a brief pre-travel one. Very windy and a bit rainy - almost cool! Temperatures in NYC look pretty brutal right now, I may have to do tomorrow's run on the track at Chelsea Piers.

:30 easy

Saturday, January 7, 2017